Caravelle Classicque Club mang đến vô vàn ưu đãi hấp dẫn về chỗ nghỉ, dịch vụ ăn uống cao cấp, spa và câu lạc bộ thể dục,  cùng cơ hội liên kết và hưởng ưu đãi từ nhiều bên đối tác, để thưởng thức và chia sẻ với gia đình, bạn bè, đồng nghiệp và khách hàng.

Chúng tôi xin được giới thiệu chương trình hội viên trả phí (đăng ký thường niên) với mục tiêu mang đến cho khách hàng thân thiết ở trong và ngoài nước cơ hội tận hưởng ưu đãi từ chương trình độc đáo của chúng tôi. Đặc quyền gồm ưu đãi khi dùng dịch vụ đặt phòng, bar, nhà hàng, không gian sự kiện, Kara Spa và tăng cường hợp tác với các đối tác chiến lược.


PHÍ THƯỜNG NIÊN – VND 7,588,000 per annum

Quyền lợi hội viên giới hạn sử dụng cho một bàn, một hóa đơn, hoặc một sự kiện.

Quyền lợi và giảm giá đều phụ thuộc vào tình trạng phòng & bàn sẵn có, có yêu cầu đặt trước. 

Có áp dụng các điều khoản & điều kiện tiêu chuẩn của khách sạn.

Phí hội viên được chấp nhận hoàn trả nếu có yêu cầu hủy trong vòng 10 ngày sau khi tham gia.



Để liên hệ và được tư vấn thêm về chương trình Caravelle Classique Club, vui lòng gọi đến (84) 28 3825 6941 hoặc email cho

Please see below for more benefits from our partners



A 5-Star Resort Style Hotel in the City – The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a 5-star resort style hotel that sits on 160 hectares of lush tropical forest and gardens with a lakeside view. Taking its name from the old Malay expression ‘sejauh di sana’ which means – as far as the eye can see – this 250-room romantic hotel with two adjoining 18-hole championship golf courses is an idyllic haven for business and pleasure only minutes from the city in Shah Alam.

Saujana Hotel – Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS

40150 Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan – Malaysia

Provide privilege offer to Caravelle Classique Club members as:

• Special Member Room Rates (*)

• 20% off on Food & Beverage at major outlets (a la carte menu) (**)

• 20% off all Spa Treatments (selected treatment)

• 20% off on Laundry and Dry Cleaning

• Breakfast for 02 for rooms booked under member's rate

(*) Special member rates

(**) Blackout dates applicable



A O Show which is phonetically understood as the Ahhh! Ohhh! Show, has performed since February 2013. It depicts the charming beauty and richness in culture of Vietnamese lives in the countryside and the country's urbanization in 60 minute length. The show is a mix of bamboo cirque, acrobatic acts, contemporary dance and theatrical visual art. Live music which echoes the Southern work songs, and scenic lighting design makes A O Show, which performs at the historic Saigon Opera House, worth seeing when you visit Ho Chi Minh City.

For more information & ticket booking:


Call center: 01245 18 11 88


Members of Caravelle Classique Club are offered 15% off on official rate.

Terms & Conditions are applicable.



My Village or Mon Village (touring name) is a delicate merge of tradition and innovation, where poetic beauty of Northern Vietnam’s village life is presented under new cirque approach. Farming, building activities, traditional games, lifestyle of Northern villagers are recreated by ancestral bamboo props, breath-taking cirque and rhythmic dance, juggling, and acrobatic movements to distinct folk music played from more than 20 musical instruments. The show was created in 2005, in Hanoi, by the same creators of A O Show. My Village toured around the world from 2009 to 2012, with over 300 shows in France, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong.

For more information & ticket booking:


Call center: 01245 18 11 88


Members of Caravelle Classique Club are offered 15% off on official rate.

Terms & Conditions are applicable.



A story of original life – Nebulous and surreal, the morning mist is rendered in rustic colors, of ordinary day in their ingenuous life. Days rise and wane over sunlit fields. Nights are woven from the dreams of rice. On black mud, rice plants stand and thrive, tenacious roots deep-seated underneath, indicate the strength and determination of Vietnamese farmers. Inside each humble rice is an invincible power bursting into life that has permeated Vietnamese souls. Rice is life, the essence, the devotion, the predestined love ties in the culture of Vietnam

For more information & ticket booking:


Call center: 01245 18 11 88


Members of Caravelle Classique Club are offered 15% off on official rate.

Terms & Conditions are applicable.



Teh Dar invites audience to enter a realm of a mythical mountains and jungles, of the ancient, primitively wild and beautiful life. Minimal mise en scène work with storytelling lighting and music let audience immerge into a stage atmospheres that are almost magical and haunting. Wild animal hunts. Bold prehistoric highland conquers. Moonlit romance by the streams and love that moved mountains. Vigorous tribal youths and joyful highland community games. Ancient lullabies echo in the jungles. Tales of death and reincarnation whispered by creatures of the wild night.

For more information & ticket booking:


Call center: 01245 18 11 88


Members of Caravelle Classique Club are offered 15% off on official rate.

Terms & Conditions are applicable.



Vietnam Golf & Country Club was the first 36 hole golf club in Vietnam. Located 20km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City, accessible by highway and inside a large 300 hectare woodland estate, which includes the Lakeview Villa residential complex. Some facilities include; swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasium, squash court, and an international restaurant. VGCC has long been recognized as Vietnam’s premier golf club, and was twice voted Runner up as Asia best golf course. In 2011 VGCC received another great honor when it was voted as Vietnam’s best customer service golfing venue. The West course opened in 1994 and was designed by Taiwanese architect Chen King Shih. The following year the traditional style tree lined woodland West course hosted the Vietnam open and again in 1997.

The Club House

Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Caravelle Classique Club Member plus guests up to two foursomes per member:

Green fee, caddy fee & shared buggy for 18 holes (Member Guest Rate)

WEEKDAYS (Monday to Friday):

VND 2,000,000 (AM)

VND 2,000,000 (PM)

VND 1,800,000 (NIGHT)


VND 3,100,000 (AM)

VND 2,900,000 (PM)

VND 2,000,000 (NIGHT)

Terms & Conditions are applicable.



Clair Center (one branch of General Hospital Pacific Healthcare from Singapore) which was built from November 2013 is one of the top beauty centers in Vietnam with many different high advanced technologies, giving the best services and assuring the optimal results to the customers.

All Medical Treatment Procedures are administered by trained Doctors and Professors, according to the strict safety protocols and prescribed therapeutic settings. Clair Center is proud of building a completely exclusive beauty skincare center through the safe and non-surgical treatment solutions with no downtime to create a natural beauty for everyone.

Clair Center

Floor B1, 32A Vincom B

72 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Members of Caravelle Classique Club will receive the following benefits from Clair Beauty Center:

Complementary one (01) time skin and hair health evaluation with Party B’s skin and hair analysis technology and one (01) time Newskin360™ Laser Light Toning treatment (value: VND 3,400,000)

Condition: Applicable for FIRST time clients only.

Discount 50% applied on:

Newskin360™ Laser Light Toning (condition: buy minimum 20 sessions)

Discount 20% applied on:

• Thermage skin tightening treatment (condition: buy minimum 1200 shots)

• Ultherapy skin lifting treatment (condition: buy minimum 600 lines)

• Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing treatment (condition: buy minimum 3 sessions)

Discount 10% applied on:

• Botox wrinkle reduction

• Dermal Fillers features enhancement

Terms & conditions:

• Not redeemable for cash or products.

• Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Service location: Clair Beauty Center:

• B1-32A Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HCMC

• L1-02 Thao Dien Pearl, 12 Quoc Huong, District 2, HCMC